This alluring colonial mistress, nestled amid four scenic rivers and cradled on all sides by majestic mountains, loves to stretch her hand and invite you not only to visit but to stay.  Spring-like weather; low cost of living; big-city cultural activities, amenities and medical care; proximity to beaches, Galapagos Islands, the Amazon Region all these features and more are attracting deserved worldwide attention.  But the kindness and hospitality of Cuenca’s citizens are the true treasures of this UNESCO World Heritage site.


Beginning the 15th of December, 2014, the Office of Immigration in Cuenca is no longer accepting just police records from the State Police for United States citizens applying for a permanent residency visa. They are now requiring an FBI report AS WELL as a background check from the State Police Department.
There will no longer be an expiration date for these documents once you enter the country, as long as you do not leave the country once you arrive.

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